Application version: 2.44
Category: Internet
Android version: 2.3.3+
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Yandex.Store is a multifunctional media content store. The software set of the smartphone has a regular play market, why do users need to download something extra? But as it turned out, the application has some distinctive features. There is a very ergonomic and fast payment system, that is, you do not need to have a bank card. There are also many more free products here, and such applications are now rare. If the toy is worthwhile, its price is very high. In general, one cannot say that this is an exact copy of the official Google service. The similarity lies only in the idea, otherwise this project is unique. In any case, the Yandex.Store project is worthy of your attention.

The first thing that catches your eye after turning it on is a special instruction that describes in detail the main features of the program. And the most important thing I would like to draw your attention to is the absolute safety of downloaded games and applications from the store, because each project is thoroughly checked for viruses.

So, the store will be divided into three separate tabs: games, programs and a tab called “interesting”. At the very beginning, the "Interesting" section will be opened, which shows the most popular applications and other entertainment content of the store. In, the user will be able to choose the project he likes and upload it. In the games section, you can find a list of top toys, as well as new downloads. The last window will show a list of all programs in the service and the most downloaded ones. If you click on the selected program or toy, you can see pictures, description, rating, comments and similar projects. Also in this window, the user will be able to download or delete the application if it has already been downloaded. In addition to the ability to download existing applications, Yandex.Store can act as a high-quality and fast manager of installed programs. To do this, you need to click on the "Menu" key of the smartphone and in the window that appears, click on "My Applications". This part of the program will display those programs that urgently need an update. It also shows products that have been installed on the device for a long time and those that were downloaded using Yandex.Store.

The moment has come when Yandex created a special service for the most selective music lovers! So,
Яндекс.Карты — поиск мест и навигатор
Яндекс.Карты — поиск мест и навигатор
Yandex.Maps - place search and navigator is a very handy program that will plot the most convenient
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