Sberbank Online

Sberbank Online

Application version: 14.18.0
Category: Other
Android version: 4.1+
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The application "Sberbank Online" is the official client of one of the largest banks in Russia and helps to perform many important financial transactions using the phone. The above operations include transferring money to mobile, Internet, housing and communal services, transferring money to a card, opening additional deposits, searching for nearby Sberbank terminals. To use the program, at the very beginning you need to register in the system. To enter, you will need to enter your password and link a special client for a mobile device to your Sberbank Online account using the same name and password. After typing a name in the application with the "Mobile Bank" function, an SMS message is sent that carries a registration code and a five-digit password is set. After full registration, the user is given access to all the functions of the service.

The main dialog box has five tabs, each of these tabs is responsible for a special set of features. On the "Basic" will be shown information about all the data, loans. On this page it will be possible to look at the status of the card's balance in a graphical format or in the form of a table, and some limits are also shown. In the "Payments" section, it will be possible to pay for the most versatile services, make the necessary transfers or open additional deposits, as well as unlock cards and create payment templates. The transfer of funds will be carried out between the user's own accounts or according to a special template if some interaction with the rest of the bank's clients is required. Otherwise, the template must be created in the web version of the application. "History" helps the user to view all the operations that were performed with his account.
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