Durak Online

Durak Online

Updated: 2-08-2022
Application version: 1.9.8
Category: Board
Android version: 4.0+
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The card game, which has already acquired legends, is constantly being changed and remade by various developers of applications for mobile devices to an unrecognizable state - they change the style and appearance of playing cards, enter other rules, features, game modes, categories, introduce a system of bonuses and prizes for victories. The card application, called Durak Online, offers its fans even more innovations - a multiplayer game mode suitable for a large group of players. The primary mission of the game remains the same - users will be required to get rid of the available cards before their opponent. The last person left to sit at the table with cards is considered the loser. In this novelty, some possibilities for changing the number of cards in the deck and the rules for playing the “transferable” or “thrown” Durak were redesigned.

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