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Android version: 2.3+
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Telegram - this is to some extent a new messenger from people who created social. VKontakte network. This service is used to quickly transmit simple messages and comprehensive materials to one gigabyte. Telegram at the very beginning was conceived as a regular experiment for testing the MTProto protocol, but soon gained very popularity and is incredible in demand.
To date, this messenger is the most advanced and multifunctional project. Its most powerful characteristic is the security and confidentiality of personal data. To search for possible vulnerabilities, programmers formed a prize fund, which will be awarded to someone who tries to intercept or read personal user correspondence. But today, all the attempts by programmers to crack this network have remained unsuccessful, which only increases the indicator of this service.

The main advantages of the Telegram application:

  • High - quality safety. In total, the safety of personal data is lame in many social applications, for this reason the developers made the main emphasis on the safety of the privacy of the correspondence between users.
  • The presence of a group chat: the application allows its users to create a common chat (the number of users in one chat can reach hundreds of people), share the versatile media with the content of any size and send cool pictures to their friends.
  • Reliability: The project was created in such a way as to send your messages in a minimum layout. Telegram - today is the highest quality system in a social format, and works at high speeds even on mobile networks with a weak signal.
  • The most speedy: the product is the highest -speed application in the market, as it involves a decentralized structure with servers located throughout the globe in its work.
  • Absolute free: the program is free and will remain like this all the time. The developers are not engaged in the sale of third -party advertising, and also do not charge a fee for the services rendered.
  • Anonymity: In the application, great attention was paid to the protection of personal correspondence of users from third parties!
  • The presence of a cloud: Now the user will never lose personal data! The project gives for use an absolutely free and unlimited dimensions of the cloud space for your correspondence and media content that can be viewed from a variety of devices.
in total, the Telegram project for its quality indicators can be considered the best representative of social networks for market. Thanks to the huge number of servers located around the world, he gives its users a high -quality and uninterrupted connection, huge capabilities in terms of functionality, has a laconic interface, and you will not find annoying advertising and paid functions in it. The main disadvantage at the moment can be considered an English - language interface, but in this application it is conditional, since it will be understandable even to those who are not good in this language.

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