This War of Mine

This War of Mine

Application version: 1.6.2
Category: Simulators
Android version: 4.0+
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The game This War of Mine will tell the story of three different heroes: Pavlo - a football player, Catherine - a reporter, and a guy named Bruno is a leading culinary program. They will have to survive in a new and dangerous world.

Management in the game is simple, if you click on the hand icon once, then the study of the selected subject or thing will begin. For example, a player can find various herbs that are suitable for creating drugs, a master key is useful to open all kinds of locks, water will be required to make food, and the tree can be used as a fuel for a fire.

In order not to waste his time, the player can convey to any character of the group a certain mission. Things that the character will select will be used as a material for more necessary items. At the very beginning, you must create a bed, chair, and other no less important things, this requires only a set of parts for their design. The game is not particularly difficult, but intriguing from the first second, and the project is also completely Russified.

The gloomy and mysterious design, this is what distinguishes This War of Mine from the applications of this genre. Sound accompaniment in the project constantly inhibits the already frightening atmosphere of chaos. So for greater reality and immersion in the atmosphere of the story, play headphones. Choose the right solutions based on the moral principles of the hero. Try to save all your characters or say goodbye to someone in order to increase the chances of the survival of the rest of the heroes. In such dark times, there are no correct or incorrect solutions, you need to survive. And the sooner you realize this, the better for you.

The main features of the game This War of Mine:

  • Create weapons, drinks, heaters - all that in the future will help the player survive;
  • The game was created on the basis of a real story;
  • Leading the survivors, and improve your own asylum;
  • Make informed decisions that will not be quite pleasant;
  • Random creation of the world and heroes in every game;
  • The image was designed in the style of drawings with a pencil. This style very accurately reflects the atmosphere of the game;
  • Be always on the alert, since not everything in this game will be friendly to you.
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How to set the OBB for the game This War of Mine
  • 1) Download APK
  • 2) Download OBB
  • 3) Unzip the OBB folder to the directory /Android/obb/
  • It should turn out like this: /Android/obb/ com.elevenbitstudios.twommobile/file(s) with extension .obb (may have additional files)
  • 4) Run apk file > install
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