Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2

Application version: 1.56.0
Category: Race
Android version: 4.2+
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2D off-road driving simulators have always attracted a lot of attention around them, dating back to the days of push-button phones, where Gravity Defied was the undisputed king of the genre. Times change and one masterpiece is replaced by another. Thus, today Hill Climb Racing 2 rightfully takes the place of superiority among 2D arcade simulators, which combines clear texture detailing, addictive gameplay, colorful graphics locations, and an RPG element, expressed in the presence of tuning used motorcycles and cars.

What is the gameplay of Hill Climb Racing 2?

Plunging into the universe of Hill Climb Racing 2, the player will have to travel a lot through endless locations, on each section of which bumps and hard-to-surmount pits await the driver. The task of the gamer is to go as far as possible through the hills and plains, while collecting coins for further pumping of his vehicle.
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