Application version: 14.163 Quail
Category: Casual
Android version: 2.3.3+
Average rating
"Sandbox - calm your nerves" - a game for smartphone owners who want to relax after a hard day's work. The game has no plot and no need to strain, following the development of events or participating in races and battles. The gameplay is based on physical phenomena, the observation of which gives the player pleasure and allows you to relax and escape from worries, anxieties and worries. The player has access to 35 different materials, from which he can create the most amazing designs. And the substances used will behave as in real life, following all the rules of physical laws and interacting with each other. It turns out such bizarre patterns that fascinate, distract from reality, transfer to some kind of magical world. If a masterpiece is tired, it can be easily destroyed and a new one created.
Distinctive features of this game are:

  • a large number of special effects;
  • observance of the laws of physics in the interaction of substances;
  • small size of the application, allowing you to install it even on low-powered gadgets.

And most importantly - "Sandbox" allows you to distract and relax, which also distinguishes it from other games.

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