Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies

Application version: 3.4.4
Category: Zombie
Android version: 4.1+
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Plants vs. Zombies - a breathtaking strategy that successfully migrated to Android from personal computers. You are the most ordinary gardener, your task is to prevent the penetration of angry dead people into your own house. All kinds of plants will help in this difficult work. Each of the shown zombies will have unique abilities, which can resist different types of plants. The battles will take place at more than fifty thought out and in moderation of complex levels, which, without pre-thought-out tactics, will not be so easy to pass. But even after the successful passage of the game, it will not end: you will have the opportunity to fulfill all kinds of achievements of the game. This version of the plant against zombies has almost no differences from the version on computers. All opportunities and heroes were implemented. The graphic component of Platts aircraft. The zombie is also at the level, only on large screens you feel the lag in the clarity of the picture.

In the game, it awaits you:

  • Battles for the brains of the farmer at fifty interesting levels
  • Twenty -six varieties of zombies
  • The collection of prize coins, which you can purchase fatal instruments for your character in the future.
  • Pleasant graphics
  • Three game modes: day, test, night.
  • Excellent sound accompaniment

It is very rare that the moment comes when you can find a truly interesting and to some extent frightening toy against the background of funny pictures in a good cartoon style. Plants vs. Zombies is the very project that corresponds to this style. A beautiful landscape does not care about walking corpses, they are concerned about something else. Incredibly purposeful, but inhibited with pale as death with skin, they are absorbed in the thought of your delicious brain.
An incredible desire to fill your own stomach makes these creatures be selected in every level to your place of residence. So that heaps of carnivorous dead are not able to reach you, you will need to build an impressive defense that does not represent a reinforced concrete wall or a moat with crocodiles. The most ordinary plants: mushrooms, berries and other vegetation will try to protect your home. There is nothing difficult in the game, everything is extremely simple and understandable. For example, sunflowers will act as a generator of energy, green peas spit on enemies, and the potatoes perfectly detonate. Build more solar energy to purchase all kinds of plants for them, plant defense around the perimeter and use the plants as an effective weapon, in general terms, do everything so that the corpses do not pass enough distance, and do not reach the door! For the allotted time in Plants vs. Zombies try to keep each pass, and you will receive useful seeds that will calm the enemies. Also in the application you will have to collect a deck of various plant crops.
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