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SimCity BuildIt

Updated: 3-08-2022
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Category: Simulators
Android version: 4.0+
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Build and take control of your own built SimCity. Unimaginable 3D graphics, interesting and colorful sights, busy streets and local residents will be waiting for you. Residents themselves will point the finger at what missions or amenities they require today.
The user SimCity BuildIt makes all decisions, sitting in the shoes of the mayor of the city, which will be created. The more people, the more residential buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, universities, cafes, and various shops you need to build. The mayor will face real-time challenges - building all sorts of utilities, fire stations or police stations. What is the best way to spend money and how to eliminate the fire as soon as possible, you will have to answer these questions yourself. To make the life of its inhabitants the most comfortable, it is also necessary to supply water to each house. You will also be able to create various gambling establishments, such as a casino, so that the townspeople find time to relax.
Main features of the SimCity BuildIt app:

  • Great building opportunities;
  • Various difficulties that add interest to the game;
  • High-quality detailing of objects;
  • Natural disasters that you have to deal with.
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