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Not so long ago, a new social network Instagram appeared, which very quickly gained popularity among young people, and not only. The application was not previously an public system, but was available only for those people who have an iPhone. Now, all people who like to take photos can use this application. And for all people, the appearance of the program was the excellent news. Currently, not even thousands, and millions of people are sitting on this service. Thanks to the developers, it is now very easy to download Instagram, install it and register there.

After you download this program, you must immediately register in it, since without this operation you cannot use all the functionality. You need to enter your data, as well as come up with a password and login. After that, you will be offered to invite and add your friends from other social networks. When you get into the main menu, you will have several tabs below, which, unfortunately, you can’t use it, everything will be available a little later. First of all, you will notice the home tape tab. There are those photos that your friends add that you have on Instagram. If you wish, you can comment on the photos or just put the Like. There is such a tab as “popular”. There are photos that have become popular lately. With the help of them you can find out what is currently fashionable and popular.

Instagram can shoot short (fifteen -second) videos, adjust them using built -in filters and then add to the news feed. You can share your content in other applications, social format. networks, clicking only one key. Subscribe to any users, be it relatives, friends or just famous idols. By going into the program, you will see fresh pictures and videos of your friends, as well as stars in any part of the planet.

The main features of the application:

  • Four effects of lubrication of the finished image;
  • High -speed posting photos in known social. networks such as VKontakte, Twitter and so on;
  • The number of downloads is not limited;
  • Tab with personal correspondence Direct. Allows you to send documents and other information to your friends;
  • Assessment of photographs of your friends, using likes;
  • The user will be able to add additional tags to any created photograph;
  • The ability to indicate the location in which the picture was created;
  • Changing the description under the picture and location;
  • Modified design and steep icons.
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