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Security Master

Application version: 5.1.8
Category: Security
Android version: 5.0+
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Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, Applock, Booster (CM Security) - a unique application that will provide you with a hundred percent protection of your gadget. And also the application will safely update the settings, use the Internet, download various information. You can block the application using a password, block photos, messages, determine the location of family members, adding them to the group and many more very useful functions that will be useful to you. In general, with this application, your phone or tablet is safe.

At the moment, many users are worried about maintaining their personal information, and the entire system as a whole. Electronic devices have been hacking more than once from aggressively -minded programs, as well as users. But there are those programmers who care about protecting your personal data. Among the most famous antiviruses, the CM Security project is highly distinguished, as this is a free antivirus with understandable settings and a high degree of protection. The project attracts attention, thanks to soft design and impeccable ergonomics, which will surprise you immediately after the starting inclusion of the program. Already during the initial start -up, users will be invited to check the entire system, which, surprisingly, will pass at an incredible speed. Ultimately, after scanning, information about all vulnerable places and the presence of viruses will be displayed.

Thanks to this antivirus, you can start scanning the built -in memory card and clean the unnecessary cache. Such cleaning will be very useful for any device. Also, if you do not want to get some calls, you can simply disable them. In the wedge, the master of security, in online mode, will be able to use a function that sounds like “security of personal data”, introduce all kinds of phishing pages in the black list, which you will be notified by quick preventive messages.

The main features of Security Master - Antivirus (CM Security):

  • Quickly analysis of the software downloaded to the phone of updates, both on the smartphone memory card and on the main data storage.
  • Powerful protection of the entire system in real time.
  • Independent adjustment of the time of each data scan. Each scan will be carried out without the intervention of the user.
  • A multifunctional optimizer that accelerates the operation of the device software, as well as remove it from the cache of unused programs and the rest of the “trash” of the operating system.
  • Blocking incoming calls from unwanted subscribers.
  • In a detailed interface of the wedge master of security in matte tones with missing advertising banners;
  • Deep scan mode of programs;
  • negligible requirements for the resources of the device;
  • A simple manager to manage the call of the calls of the calls.
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