Application version: 3.1.4
Category: Quests
Android version: 2.3+
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Machinarium is a unique quest. Having launched the game, you will move to the iron city. Everyone in this city is engaged in some kind of business, no one misses without work. Machinarium, without unnecessary doubt, will attract all fans of logical quests and tasks. Colorful screensavers in the style of steampunk contain in their world a variety of objects for interaction (their number can reach two dozen on one game location). Having completed one hundred percent a huge chain of tasks, it will be possible with equal chances to get a valuable thing that will be required for future passage, or you can open one of the past memories of the protagonist (that is, do not get anything valuable, but only slightly sort out the confusing storyline of the game ). In a word, the machine gun will not be easy to pass even for serious players who can click this kind of quests like nuts.

The world of Machrium will not be too friendly to its player in the sense that absolutely none of the local heroes will tell you a single word for the entire time of the game. You should not even dream about clearly set before the player. To obtain visible progress, the player will have to comb every angle of this mechanical space, trying to find inconspicuous tips, or highlighting a similar pattern in the behavior of the creatures surrounding the main character. Most likely, you probably already realized that the game is more designed for intuition than to logical thinking. Confused and can't find a way out? Enjoy the tint system! Win victories in mini-games, which are sharpened under an old arcade to earn a valuable prize.

I also want to talk about the good old logical mini-games. They are integrated into the machine -gun in machine -owned. Almost half of them are represented in the format of the mini-game, which are not important for the passage of the plot history, but are an interesting addition in the course of passage.
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How to set the OBB for the game Machinarium
  • 1) Download APK
  • 2) Download OBB
  • 3) Unzip the OBB folder to the directory /Android/obb/
  • It should turn out like this: /Android/obb/ with extension .obb (may have additional files)
  • 4) Run apk file > install
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