Zero City

Zero City

Application version: 1.40.0
Category: Simulators
Android version: 4.4+
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Zero City is an exciting strategy set in a world where a zombie apocalypse has broken out. The player will have to lead a small team of survivors, develop the base, and fight off hordes of the dead. To survive, it will be necessary to rationally approach the use of resources and cherish each member of the group, because in the world of the dead it is very difficult to find other living people.

The main feature of Zero City is a turn-based combat system with an emphasis on tactics, which allows you to deal with numerous zombies with the greatest efficiency. Each of the characters has unique skills and in order to survive, you will need to use their abilities with maximum efficiency.


  • The system of construction worked out to the smallest nuances;
  • Many survivors with unique abilities;
  • The presence of a multiplayer game;
  • Interesting plot.
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