Gspace (Huawei & Honor)

Gspace (Huawei & Honor)

Application version: 2.1.3
Category: Systemic
Android version: 5.0+
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Gspace is a program that allows you to install Google services on Huawei, Honor and other devices under sanctions. You can create and use multiple accounts at the same time. You can create accounts in instant messengers, popular social networks. networks and other apps on your tablet or mobile device.

Cloning Android applications. Gspace is a modification of the program for cloning applications Dual Space. And it works in a similar way: you need to install the latest version of the application on your device, then provide the permissions necessary for work, wait until the application loads, and then using the + symbol select the software that you want to clone. The latest version of Gspace is suitable for any mobile applications. After creating a copy, you can use the application together with the original version using different accounts.

Installing Google services. The program provides the ability to install Google Mobile Services. Gspace is often used to install Google products on Huawei or Honor devices and other brands of devices where Google services are not available for any reason. Immediately after the installation is complete, the program will create a virtual space on your device where Google Play (app store) will be located. No additional action is required from the user. In the virtual space, you can download the software you need that was not previously supported and use them without restrictions.

App benefits:

  • Supported on all devices;
  • Clones almost all applications;
  • Speed ​​of the cloning process;
  • Does not overload the device;
  • Even a novice user will understand the functionality;
  • Manual in different languages;
  • Free.

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