Standknife Simulator

Standknife Simulator

Application version: 2.0-PreRelease (f3)
Category: Simulators
Android version: 4.4+
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Standknife Simulator - In this knife simulator, gamers can take part in battles using a wide range of melee weapons. At the same time, everyone can transform the presented specimens according to individual taste, decorating their version with inscriptions, drawings or accessories. In addition to changing the color of the blade, here you can also choose the appropriate glove model and improve it using the tools in the catalog.

Here you can perfectly master the melee weapon, using it not only to attack an opponent, but also to throw at a target. Use every opportunity to diversify the game Standknife Simulator and not leave the enemy not a single chance to win. Find the most suitable for your fighter and win valuable rewards in battles. And thanks to convenient controls, nothing will stop you from enjoying the game process.

[attachmentFilSrv=40822:Standknife Simulator v2.0-beta (f3)][attachmentFilSrv=37790:Standknife Simulator v2.0 beta]
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