Melon Playground

Melon Playground

Application version: 21.0.5
Category: Simulators
Android version: 6.0+
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Melon Playground is a game with intuitive controls, in which you can perform a number of experiments on unusual mannequins. To do this, gamers can use various gaming features, tools, melee and firearms.

The game allows you to immediately get involved in the process without wasting time learning the gameplay. Also, the player immediately has access to all interactive items that are available. They do not require a separate unlock or accumulation of bonuses. On the playing field, different weapons are used. Grenades, knives and machine guns can be tested simultaneously on multiple dummies.

The dummies themselves can also use different types of weapons. It is possible to furnish the playing field with barrels, boxes, tires and other items for surroundings. Make progress as you progress through the game. The save function will allow you to return to it when gamers need it.

Features of the simulator:
  • Several dozens of various weapons and items;
  • Interaction with mannequins;
  • Minimalist graphics.
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Download Melon Playground v21.0.1
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Download Melon Playground v20.24
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