Drive Zone Online

Drive Zone Online

Application version: 0.3.1
Category: Race
Android version: 5.0+
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A dynamic and spectacular project called Drive Zone Online: auto racing will take gamers into the virtual world of online racing, where you can freely move around city locations, participating in competitions and chatting with friends.

Huge game world . The developers offer players several exciting modes with different mechanics and passing conditions, as well as the absence of restrictions and rules. You will be able to move around the large-scale locations of the city. You can take part in exciting competitions in both the classic mode and the challenge, performing dizzying stunts.

Detailed storyline. Demonstrating your driving skills, the game provides an upgrade of the car, thanks to which you can create a unique example of a racing car. By choosing a car from a huge list of vehicles, you have the opportunity to prove that you are the best and most desperate racer in this virtual world. Competing with real players, you will feel the exciting atmosphere of city racing, complete with colorful landscapes and original sounds.


  • high-quality sound;
  • Realistic 3D graphics;
  • a large selection of tasks and racing cars;
  • simple and clear control.
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