Poppy Playtime on PC

Poppy Playtime on PC

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Poppy Playtime on PC is a very interesting game that contains several genres at once: adventure, horror, puzzles. In the game cruel world you have to survive. The storyline in the game is fascinating and the main character will start it in an abandoned toy factory. You have to face a very large number of tests, but the main goal will be to keep your privacy. It will be interesting for you to explore the surrounding territory and a large number of locations, you will also have to extract useful resources and look for clues in order to uncover the most important secret to escape from this very scary place. Collecting valuable information will also be useful for this case. Improve your own skills, go through different tests and learn terrible secrets to always find a way out of very difficult situations. You will have a lot of opportunities to achieve your goal, but only they need to be used correctly to successfully complete your goal. The graphics in the game are well designed and will entice you into the game world guaranteed

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