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Face IT on PC

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Face IT on PC is a program with a built-in anti-cheat that provides access to a single interactive platform for cybersportsmen. Within the framework of the platform, you can arrange fights and large-scale competitions in popular online games.

The service helps organize open and closed tournaments, communicate and search for other users, monitor game statistics, and earn points. Now the platform is compatible with many top games, including Dota 2, World of tanks, Counter-Strike and many others.

Features and capabilities of the program

After the initial launch, the service will prompt you to register. This can be done in the welcome menu or through your personal Facebook profile. Then you will need to connect a game account that is compatible with the site.

The user interface is divided into several parts. On the left side is the console through which sections are selected. On the right side is a platform for selecting subsections. A significant place is occupied by the zone for managing the properties of the selected block. The "Play" section displays a list of games currently available. For example, after choosing CS:GO, the user gets the opportunity to launch a Steam account and manage the game process.

To get the full set of features, you need to purchase a subscription. Detailed information about it and the cost are available in the user interface.

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