Wearfit Pro

Wearfit Pro

Application version: hw_4.1.1
Category: Other
Android version: 6.0+
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Wearfit Pro - this application is quite nicely designed and suitable for owners of smart bracelets and watches. It provides an opportunity to use all available gadgets in one bundle for one hundred percent. The wearer can monitor the number of steps taken, his pulse and medical indicators. Gadgets show statistics of a certain period of time. A reminder system is also provided, notifications about received messages are received and the owner will never miss something important for himself. The connection is simple, the functionality and design are convenient.

This is a useful program that allows you to receive information from smart gadgets. The application will help the user to monitor their physical progress, sleep, general condition and various other activities.

The program helps to read data from gadgets. It is a single network that connects several devices and synchronizes them with each other, exchanging the necessary information. For the application to fully work, you need to connect Bluetooth and GPS. At the beginning of its use, you need to enter information about yourself.

The application has a fairly extensive functionality, there is also a separate tab with different data - this is pressure, pulse, fatigue and oxygen levels. Thanks to synchronization, you can transfer different information about the number of steps and various other loads. All activity is indicated in the menu and is divided into different types. Also, the program can show you how correct and good your sleep is, while all the information will be entered into tables
Digital Creator: Phone Tycoon
Digital Creator: Phone Tycoon
Digital Creator: Phone Tycoon is an addictive simulation game. Designed for gadgets based on the
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