Emperor: Conquer your Queen

Emperor: Conquer your Queen

Application version: 0.72
Category: Casual
Android version: 6.0+
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Emperor: Conquer your Queen is a kind of "dating simulator" from Amrita Studio, which was developed in the setting of a prosperous and colorful Middle Ages. Each user in this game will get the role of a powerful emperor, who not only devotes a lot of his precious time to his state and its welfare, but also takes care of all the girls in his kingdom with regular pleasure. In this case, all gamers will need to pay special attention to feats of arms. Each successful military campaign, plus the reflected attacks of enemies will allow users to discover new and interesting opportunities in the game. In addition, all this will lead to the replenishment of a new beautiful princess from another distant country. This game application has bright and beautiful graphics, a wide variety of additional gameplay features, as well as regular development and other necessary aspects that many fans of this genre will definitely like.
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  1. Teika
    Teika 8 October 2022 08:44
    I love this game too much people are in boys and they have fruit in boys and I am not going out to dinner for the rest and the other day but her mom is out and I am not going for a long weekend until she