Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor

Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor

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Category: Strategies
Android version: 5.0+
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Super Sus -Who Is The Impostor (super sus - hoo from the impastor) is a project that is a cult entertainment where a traitor is searched on a spaceship. It is possible for the player to both find the enemy and transform into him, and then destroy all his enemies. The map in the game is large, the graphics are excellent, the player can interact with other players, there is the possibility of random loss of roles and many other aspects. This game makes it exciting and the result of each round is impossible to predict.

This game has three-dimensional graphics, it reminds many of the familiar Among Us project. Here you can play with random players from all over the world, as well as with your friends. You have to join the crew of the spaceship to identify the traitor, and also to save the lives of all innocent characters.

Most importantly, during each round, the threat can be expected not only from traitors, but also from ordinary players. Each faction is engaged in the implementation of its tasks. If you complete them all, then victory will be yours. In the game, you can either simply complete tasks or destroy all the ship's workers, but at the same time play for your own pleasure.

The game has two game modes: ranked and classic. Between them, the difference is in complexity and in voice chat. The game allows you to create your own roles and cards. The final of the round does not affect the appearance of new friends, communication with them and further joint play. Also take part in the competitive mode, where at the end of each season you will receive cool skins as rewards
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