Gacha Universal

Gacha Universal

Application version: 1.1.0
Category: Diamonds
Android version: 4.0+
Average rating
Gacha Universal is a great game in which the player can not only create numerous colorful anime-style characters, but dress in beautiful fashionable outfits (there are more than a hundred of them) and play with them. You can get characters for battles, participate in battles and much more. Thanks to the simple and high-quality interface design, convenient arrangement of panels and buttons, the player can easily master the gameplay and immerse himself in the beautiful world of the game.

The game features thousands of models of clothes, hairstyles, accessories. There are different types of weapons, objects, animals, etc. Create scenarios with characters in the studio, choose and change many backgrounds and different objects. In Gacha, in the "Battle" section, choose to play the story mode, towers, or another of the four. Fight monsters by gathering your team. Try to improve your skills in battles.

Main features of the game:

  • Customize 10 classic main characters and 90 additional characters. Among them: Gacha Club, two DJs Gasha, Charlotte, Luni, Lado,
    Lemo, Yuni, Rain and other characters;
  • Adjust and change the colors of almost any element and object, create lighting effects;
  • Customize and change clothes, hair, hairstyles, eyes, poses of characters;
  • Add various objects and favorite pets to the stage;
  • Save and load up to 15 scenes;
  • Share characters with your friends.

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