Application version: 5.3.1
Category: drawing
Android version: 5.0+
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Sketchbook is a great mobile application for all drawing lovers. Both beginners and professional artists enjoy using it.

The service allows you to create sketches, drawings, fully finished paintings, contains an extensive set of professional functions, and allows you to customize tools. A user-friendly interface makes the drawing process as natural as possible. Using the application, nothing prevents you from embodying all your aspirations in creativity.

Sketchbook features:

  • All types of brushes: pencils, pens, markers, strokes, airbrushes and others. The instruments feel and look just like they do in real life.
  • Convenient customization of brushes. Using them, you can more accurately create the desired image;
  • Layers with a set of different blending modes. Huge possibilities and flexibility in creating patterns and choosing colors;
  • Useful rulers, guides and stroke tools. If you need maximum accuracy, then there will be no problem with this;
  • Concise design and unobtrusive interface are designed specifically to create a working creative atmosphere. The appearance of the application does not distract, but inspires, allows you to focus on the picture.
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