Yandex Start

Yandex Start

Application version: 24.12
Category: Internet
Android version: 6.0+
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Yandex Start is a convenient application where everything you need is located on one screen and any of the pages can be assigned as the main one. With one click, you get access to convenient search, weather, pictures and many other useful features.

Among the main features of the application:

  • Translation of pictures and pages. The application translates texts and recognizes information from images on any website. Even if you are in another country and do not know the language, with Yandex Start you can easily purchase a ticket or find out the work schedule of an organization;
  • You can translate both individual sentences and entire websites and inscriptions on images. Over a hundred languages supported;
  • Translation and voice-over of video. Yandex neural networks are capable of translating and dubbing videos from all over the world into Russian. Interesting materials about travel, cars, science, recipes and many other videos in different languages have become more accessible with Yandex Start;
  • The settings menu provides the function of recognizing numbers of more than 5 million organizations, each of which you can see user reviews.
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