Locket Widget

Locket Widget

Application version: 1.149.1
Category: Internet
Android version: 8.1+
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The program Locket Widget is another messenger with which you can exchange photos with friends. The received pictures are immediately placed in an automatic order on the main screen of the mobile device in the widget frame. With the help of special tools, the user will be able to send any image that appears on the display of another gadget. By itself, the frame does not take up much space on the device.

In order to properly start the workflow with Locket Widget, the user must already have a list of all friends, plus 5 additional third-party accounts can be connected to this application. All submitted applications must be approved by friends, otherwise the photo mailing will not open. Only when the list is filled can the user start sharing his photos. Special tools will help you quickly create photos. The camera in the Locket Widget application works directly, which makes it possible not to spend too much time on other utilities. When the most suitable portrait is obtained, the necessary contact is selected and an image is sent to him, which will appear on his device instantly.
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