One State RP - Life Simulator

One State RP - Life Simulator

Application version: 0.33.0
Category: Casual
Android version: 9+
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One State RP - a popular role-playing game with a huge seamless world and online for several hundred people. Choose the profession that you like. There are no restrictions, because this is a city free from everyday troubles, full of adventures and unexpected meetings.

There are many interesting careers to choose from. You can join the ranks of law enforcement structures, build your own business, go as a mercenary in an army unit, work as a courier or a professional driver. Also available and underground business in multiplayer mode.

Choose a job

Each unique character gives out quests, upon completion of which you will receive an unforgettable experience and reward. Do you want to become a racer? Find a local bandit, arrange races with him and upgrade your car to the maximum to win. But do not flirt with the gang, otherwise a noisy shootout cannot be avoided.


Play only with real people. Invite friends from all over the world and immerse yourself in the simulation. Here you can fight crime or join the ranks of gangsters. In any case, virtual life is rich in adventure. Races, random shooting, colorful explosions and clashes with the police - everything is available.


Game currency accumulates for a long time, and it is necessary not only to buy cars and luxury houses. There is an element of trade and the sale of funds in favor of commercial activities. Profit from your own projects or collect tribute from local merchants. The City of Angels is completely open to exploration.
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