One Level 3 Stickman Jailbreak

One Level 3 Stickman Jailbreak

Application version: 1.12
Category: Logic
Android version: 4.1+
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One Level 3 Stickman Jailbreak is another exciting sequel to the popular series of logic puzzle games in which the user must escape from places of detention.

The main character named Tommy has already been in more than one prison. This situation does not suit him, however, to serve out his term in one of them is not included in his plans. Therefore, another attempt to escape is inevitable. However, the prison conditions with which he stays do not favor this. The security system here has been significantly improved and great difficulties lie ahead of him, including bosses!

The user is required to assist Tommy in solving difficult puzzles and riddles, as well as help defeat the bosses. Who will make every effort to prevent the fugitive from escaping to freedom.

Updated in the game:

  • The number of opponents has increased significantly, there are still many more threats on the way;
  • A little less than three hundred original levels-locations appeared;
  • Interaction with new items is available;
  • Original riddles and puzzles;
  • More than two dozen levels with bosses;
  • Updated interior design.

Still left:

  • Furious sentinel bumblebees;
  • Functional "help a friend";
  • Management;
  • Animation add-ons for the interface;
  • Hints.
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