DOP 4: Draw One Part

DOP 4: Draw One Part

Application version: 1.1.0
Category: Logic
Android version: 7.0+
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In front of you in the DOP 4: Draw One Part game is a picture in which something is missing. You need to guess which element is missing and draw it yourself.

An unusual game of logic. Instead of the usual puzzles where you have to count something or look for hidden objects, you have to draw the lost parts yourself.

A lot of beautiful pictures are waiting for you, some will seem quite complete, but in fact, something is wrong with each of them and you have to figure out what exactly.

When you understand what you need to finish, touch the screen with your finger and outline the missing part. If your guess is correct, then the outline of your drawing will be filled with paint and you will move to a new level.

Every day, attention to detail and imagination will develop more and more. And along with this, the levels will also become more difficult so that you do not get bored. Draw lost elements and train your logic!
DOP 4: Draw One Part
DOP 4: Draw One Part
Unique gameplay. This is already the 4th version of an exciting game. You have to go through levels
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