Yandere PJSEKAI Boys

Yandere PJSEKAI Boys

Application version: 0.0.4 Beta
Category: Other
Android version: 5.0+
Average rating
Yandere PJSEKAI Boys is a game that was originally developed for PC, now Yandere Rui, that's her name, is suitable for the phone. To play this visual novel, gamers must be 18 years of age.

Yandere Rui PJSEKAI Boys Review

The main character loves to have fun and interesting time, have fun, you control the girl. She decided to dye her hair purple and spends her life enjoying it. Having met a guy who is also handsome, her whole world turns upside down.
The guy's name is Rui, and this novel is about relationships. The story unfolds depending on which actions you choose. Choose dialogues for the characters and decide what needs to be done to get the development of communication.
There can be several endings, you will definitely come to one of them. You can replay the game many times to reach one of the seven endings. In your hands are love relationships that you can either save or destroy. Excellent anime perfectly shows the love affair of the characters.
You can download Yandere Rui to your phone from our website, assign status to your friends and start playing right away.


  • Anime style - environment, decor elements and the whole world, together with the main characters, are made in the usual style;
  • Many ending options - the end of the game depends on the choice of your actions;
  • Last update - no hacking required, everything is open for free;
  • No ads;
  • Much money;
  • Update for free shopping;
  • Built-in cache;
  • Full version of the game;
  • Everything is open;
  • Great graphics.

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