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Odnoklassniki (classmates) - most likely, this word familiar to us has become a household name. Every second Russian, after twelve years, has his own page in this famous social. Network. Now in the application you can quickly check your own profile at any time, talk with the best comrades, watch interesting photos, listen to high - quality music, tell an interesting story, add beautiful pictures, and so on! Also, now you can watch a video, right from your smartphone! The mobile version of the aforementioned application for Android has absorbed everything the most interesting and offers you the following features:

  • Widget for loading images directly from its camera, and display of recent news;
  • Download the image from your photo gallery;
  • processing of images and adding a description;
  • receipt of recent notifications.
  • The ability to quickly share interesting and necessary links through a browser built into the application.

The program provides complete access to almost any possibility of a full version of the legendary social network, and even at some moment increases their functionality in a mobile application. The user of the program classmates will be able to correspond with friends, leave new comments in the news feed, set and change status, fill new pictures and pictures, as well as edit them, send the necessary links, and so on.

A few years ago, a classmate project presented its users in access to personal audio player, which is several orders of magnitude exceeds its counterparts. Its version for mobile devices is not demanding on resources, as well as the connection speed, so that the user will be able to listen to his track list at any time. An ordinary Internet for mobile devices will grab head to turn on music without long delays and buffering. All that a person needs to use is a smartphone, as well as the Internet.

If you describe a pair of sentences, then the functionality of the program is almost one hundred percent corresponds to the original site, with the exception of the installation of external design. This function is still under development and is currently impossible. The speed of the response and work of the program is simply amazing, it doesn’t hang almost anywhere (if your smartphone is good on the Internet), the news feed is loaded equally quickly, both at high speed and with poor connection, most likely this is a feature of the program code. Classmates will definitely appeal to those users who want to always be in touch with their loved ones or acquaintances.
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VK: music, video, messenger
VK: music, video, messenger
VKontakte is an application for communication in the popular social network VK.com. With it, you
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