Application version: 14.4.0-231123
Category: Multimedia
Android version: 2.1+
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Shazam - this is a program for your gadget that will help to recognize musical works. It will surely notice and love true connoisseurs of high -quality music. Using this program, you will easily find a song you like on the network according to its author, artist or name. This application opens before you such an opportunity as watching videos on YouTube, and you can also share music and videos with friends in Facebook or tweeter.
Shazam will help its user in a few moments to determine the name of any song where you were and wherever it came from. The main thing to have time to turn on the application to the Shazam while playing the song you like, and click on the round search key. The result will surprise you!

We are ready to argue that any person had such situations when, having heard a song in another car or from somewhere else, you wanted to listen to it more carefully ... This music does not leave your thoughts, all the time pursues, you are endlessly singing it in your head, try Recall at least one sentence to find this audio recording, but everything is deplorable. Such an unpleasant and to some extent tedious cycle of not found songs can continue for a very long time. You will spend a huge amount of free time and your own nerves before you catch your eye such a desired song or you are not lucky and you will not find it. Especially for the case often often in our time, so that people no longer spend their free time just like that, a magnificent program called Shazam was developed for them!

Using the above software, you will find the required music file at any time in just one click. It is only required to click on the largest button and bring your own smartphone as close as possible to the dynamics from which the sound comes out - the rest will make the other one for you, after which it will display all the data about the desired track and even give it the opportunity to download it!
Shazam quickly and easily copes with recognizing all audio recordings, advertising and even television shows!

How the application has found the right song, you can:

  • Officially purchase a desired song in the Amazon MP3 store.
  • View information on the YouTube portal.
  • You can familiarize yourself with the history of “taging” your friends (what they looked at, loaded, etc.).
  • Using the LyricPlay option, the user will be able to sing along with his favorite group, reading the text that pops up on the display.
  • Just listen to the desired music through the radio or the built -in music service
  • Revenge in detail with the necessary information about the group and its creations.
  • Save on a smartphone or in the program the entire search history, for subsequent familiarization and high -speed access.
  • To share your songs with comrades through the most common social. Network.
  • The program can be used even without the Internet! Shazam will remember everything that you write down and find everything that will be required when there will be an Internet connection.
  • A simple and understandable widget on the main display will help you turn on the Shazam program in the fastest time so that it finds you this or that song!

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