Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Application version: 35.7.19
Category: Internet
Android version: 4.0+
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Google Play Market (Google Play Market) is a handy application that improves the functionality of any phone. Here you can buy not only toys, but also films with different music. The operation of this market is uninterrupted, as it is equipped with all the necessary programs, it is unpretentious and versatile in operation. You only need to create an account in this installer.

There is a very convenient search for the necessary content and clear sorting. In this store you will find films or audio recordings that interest you, you can also find various literature. The only disadvantage of this application can even be turned into its advantage - this is a constant check of the license agreement. When launching paid content without purchasing it, it will not load.

This store is updated all the time and quite often with something interesting and its functionality, accordingly, is constantly getting better. This year, for example, the design of this service has been updated, it has become even simpler and more accessible for everyone. If, for example, the user cannot purchase any application at the moment, then he can add it to the "Wish List" and purchase it when the opportunity arises. Before you buy something, you can look at the comments about this product and check its updates.

This store has paid applications, but most of them have free products, which, although with lower functionality. And its functionality practically does not differ from the original product.

Yandex.Store is a multifunctional media content store. The software set of the smartphone has a
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