Services Google Play

Services Google Play

Application version: 24.07.13 (040400-607434947)
Category: Internet
Android version: 4.1+
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Google Play Services is a program that updates all the programs available in it. This app also syncs all your contacts and gives you access to all privacy options, services that save your device's energy, and services that use your location. It also speeds up the process of finding the right programs, even offline. But basically, this program is required to constantly update the applications that are loaded on it. With it, your device functions smoothly and everything needs to be synchronized.

This service also makes it easier to work with programs and various applications on your phone, and makes it possible to quickly search for what you need. More recently, there have been many complaints about this service from users for its unstable operation and a large waste of battery power. But today, all the errors by the developers have been taken into account and corrected, there are no shortcomings now.

To date, this service is supported by a new API service and the life of developers has been noticeably simplified, and new tools make it possible to develop various multiplayer games. You can also now sync contacts from your phone with your Google+ contacts.

But there are also downsides to this service. Since it synchronizes all application data, after deleting it, some of them may not function fully or even refuse to work. This is just one minus and now there are no more others, but all other pluses completely cover it. The settings in the service are quite simple and it is very comfortable to use applications with it.

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