Toca Life: Hospital

Toca Life: Hospital

Application version: 1.4.2-play
Category: Logic
Android version: 4.3+
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If someone has a desire to feel like a medical worker, then he should definitely play the game Toca Life: Hospital. The game has to perform the tasks that doctors perform daily in hospitals. It has excellent graphics and will definitely like even sophisticated players

the advantages of the game

About the main thing were mentioned above - high - quality graphics. You need to mention the exciting storyline that will give a lot of positive emotions to the player. If you read the reviews about the game, you can notice that the overwhelming number of a positive nature.

The maternity ward

The birth of a new life is a reverent event. It is unlikely that anyone will want to try themselves as a obstetrician in reality, not having a special education and experience, but in the virtual world, why not. Playing Toca Life: Hospital, you will have to help the kids be born, as well as take care of them throughout the whole time while they are in the hospital. The game will give a few tips what and how to do to achieve success


Operations are carried out here that the player will lead. Everything depends on his actions - the patient survives or not. Accordingly, you need to always be on the alert and take into account the hints.

Seeing a person on the last journey

Life goes hand in hand with death. In the game Toca Life: Hospital has not only a maternity ward, but also a room where relatives say goodbye to their family members, who are about to go on the last journey.

In the hospital in the game 5 amazing floors

many players spend A huge amount of time on Toca Life: Hospital should not be surprised at this. Indeed, in addition to all of the above, the hospital has five floors. Each has their own highlight and therefore should visit all levels. On one of the floors you can find a garden of stones. Medical specialists who want to relax after a hard working day come here. A whole laboratory is hidden in the basement, as well as a garage for an ambulance. Here a siren is often heard, from which he literally lays his ears. On the ground floor there is a registry where nurses work quickly in order to have time to record all the arrivals. You can get acquainted with the contents of the rest of the floors by launching the Toca Life: Hospital on your device.
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