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Pinterest is a unique base of ideas for finding pictures of various content. The high popularity of the service provides regular replenishment of information and content for completely different criteria: whether it is a recipe for exquisite dishes, original ideas for housing arrangement, literature or painting.


Pinterest is quite simple and intuitive to use from mobile devices. It is enough to enter the phrase or tag in the search, the user immediately sees information and photos relating to this request. All these pictures are called "pins" and you can save them, create boards (collections) from them.

In fact, this is a social network in which a written version of communication between users is not preemptive. Here this happens by studying the content of users with each other. You can subscribe to certain personalities, their boards and of course put likes.

How to use Pinterest?

This issue depends on the individual preferences of each user. The most popular ways to interact with the service is:
  • Project planning. Design, construction and other tasks related to the setting of schemes, accounting and all kinds of nuances in work.
  • Base of recipes. There are a caste of people who are looking for recipes for dishes on the most different topics: from ordinary omelet to complex exotic dishes.
  • Aesthetic pleasure. You can just admire interesting photos and pictures. There is little practical application in this, but fans of painting can be inspired by artistic sketches of other users.
  • Ideas for vacation. The service often publishes photos from extreme adventures, panoramas of unusual places, cities, which gives a certain idea of ​​possible places for visiting.

Pinterest was nicknamed one of the best resources by Time magazine. It is a pleasure to use it from mobile devices, you can significantly expand the horizons. In addition, it is easy to find like -minded people in their interests. Using Pinterest is to discover the whole world of new discoveries.

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