My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

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Category: Casual
Android version: 4.1+
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My Talking Tom is a very popular and outstanding application, where a small cat, nicknamed Tom with his cheerful voice, will repeat everything that you will tell him. Along with this application, the developer offers no less well-known games of a similar nature: Talking Tom 2, My Talking Tom 2, Talking volume: Running for gold.
In the same way as in the old Tamagochi, here you will need to show careful care for a cute cat, which needs to be carefully fed, brought into a neat look, play with it all the time, improve its place of residence, and so on.

If you still manage to become a great owner for a charming volume, then he will grow rapidly in size, and right before your eyes it will transform into an adult cat, opening in itself interesting opportunities and talents. A game called my volume for the base android differs from the old Tamagochi in the complete absence of any reminders. With this fun cat you can play when you will have free time, and not when he wishes it.

A talking cat can be: bored, sad, gambling, hungry, insidious, and all these emotional bursts will completely depend on how you will treat your faithful pet.

More than a thousand various options for the color of the wool with which you can truly make a non -standard cat, and at the same time there is a huge bunch of various clothes, beautiful things and interior decoration in this game.

Features of the game:

  • Non - trivial arcade development system of the acting hero, which contributes to rapid growth, with the complete taking into account all life indicators and factors, as well as the time spent in the game.
  • Take care of Tom well as a real living animal, because you will need to perform the daily routine for him: from a standard warm - up in the morning and subsequent breakfast, to a daily shower and laying in a warm bed.
  • Visit neighbors or friends who also play my speaker, visit their apartments, make new acquaintances and look for chests with lost jewelry that will give you precious gold.
  • Most fun with your speaking cat in the presented mini-games, in which you can also get gold coins and have a benefit of time. With each new update, the number of such mini-games will only grow by bringing new missions and prizes to the project.
  • Tom has a mood, it can be: sad, cheerful, angry, offended and all these character traits will depend only on how the user treats his ward.
  • More than one thousand of all kinds of wool options with which the player will be able to blind a unique pet for himself, while the application has a bunch of all kinds of clothes, trinkets and design decorations.
  • Interact with the pet and the things surrounding him: stir it in the right part of the body and you will notice its response, scratch it and you will hear charming rumbling, touch the tail and you will earn disapproving rebuff and formidable sounds.
  • In the in -game store, the user at any time will find a lot of interesting items that will make the Tom's speaking cat even more non -trivial. All things are purchased for the coins that are earned in the game or purchased for real currency.
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