Scrap Mechanic on PC

Scrap Mechanic on PC

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Scrap Mechanic on PC is a great game of 2016, the main advantage of which is that almost everyone can enjoy it. The genre of the game is a "sandbox" with construction, that is, it is quite possible to embody even the most daring thoughts and desires. It just turns on a little imagination and ideas begin to be realized with pleasure. You can reproduce almost any object - buildings, equipment, etc. - in the format of this game, and rejoice, because that's what you all create!

Opportunities for the game character are offered more than enough. Everything is in your hands, everything for victory! After some time, the game hero moves to the near future. Let it be the nearest, but it will please with the extremely rapid development of technology. There he becomes a talented mechanic, periodically taking various orders from other planets. Going to the address specified by the customer, you will need to either repair, or even build various mechanisms on your own! Although the other planet you land on may initially seem friendly, but not everything is what it seems at once ... A lot of exciting construction and no less exciting adventures await - you should not forget to download the game to your collection!

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