Project Playtime

Project Playtime

Application version: 1
Category: Logic
Android version: 5.1+
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Project Playtime is a slightly different version of the popular Poppy Playtime game with the possibility of a multiplayer mode of participation. The plot is slightly changed, but the meaning remains the same - the player finds himself in an abandoned factory, where very strange events take place. You need to explore the locations and figure out what is happening, surviving and getting out to freedom.
The story of Project Playtime begins with 6 explorers heading to an abandoned toy factory. Their task is to study the circumstances that led to the complete shutdown of this factory and where the evil toys came from. But among them there should be a negative character, whose plans include the destruction of this group. The user needs to choose a role in this team - a researcher or an assassin.
All characters are endowed with their own individual qualities and skills. All difficulties should be handled by the hand located in front.
The contestants must search the premises and find a specific toy that the monsters are interested in while avoiding them. In many situations, you won’t be able to escape, you need to solve difficult riddles and difficulties using the tips and objects available there.
  • Imitation of presence in the game;
  • Choosing a positive or negative role;
  • Logical difficulties and difficult decisions;
  • Simple controls.
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