Fill The Fridge

Fill The Fridge

Application version: 4.0.4
Category: Logic
Android version: 4.4+
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A kind of game Fill The Fridge, which is an entertaining casual puzzle game, will help not only to have an entertaining and fun time, but also relieve tension, as well as the effects of stress.

The scenario of the game is quite simple - you need to make a trip to the supermarket for groceries, and then fill the refrigerator with them at home, and you need to do this with maximum prudence. There is not much space in the refrigerator, so it is important to arrange the products in a special sequence. Each shelf, chamber or compartment is oriented to the storage of certain products.

Filling containers with products is reminiscent of classic Tetris. Properly distributing the goods, you will move to the next level, which will be a little more difficult than the previous one. If you can’t overcome the task the first time, then you can undo the last steps and try again.

  • convenient controls and smooth animation;
  • colorful 3D graphics;
  • relaxing and calm gameplay;
  • many unique levels.

Developing spatial thinking and logic, the puzzle allows you to relax and enjoy the gameplay.
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