Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo

Application version: 5.5.0
Category: Action
Android version: 6.0+
Average rating
Bullet Echo is a mobile PvP shooter in which users must lead the squad entrusted to them to a bright victory! To do this, there are several interesting characters with incredible abilities and a special style of play. Plus, there is an opportunity to achieve your goals to unite with friends and together with them come up with the most winning battle strategies.

The Bullet Echo mobile toy has the following features:

  • A unique and somewhat inimitable stealth action: namely, the gamer will see what the flashlight illuminates, but at the same time everyone will hear the steps of enemies and their shots;
  • Designed for team play: The presence of network game actions with your friends and at the same time the opportunity to be a team leader with the highest level;
  • Several game modes: Wall-to-wall battle, as well as the presence of a solo mode and a royal battle simultaneously with 5 teams on the map;
  • Unlock and upgrade heroes: It is possible to improve your main characters, giving them unique skills, as well as earn points to unlock new abilities and bonuses;
  • Be on top: Take part in special championships and thereby collect valuable resources when completing certain tasks;
  • Get rewards: During battles, you can not only unlock new, stronger heroes, but maps with new game modes.
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